Life in North Korea – An Interview

First of all, thanks to Богдан Миличић for brining this interview to our attention. His comments are added between parentheses, and I’ll also add some pics for better reading. First, His Intro Serbian Newspaper interviews Serbian Volleyball coach who lived in Pyongyang, North Korea about his experiences. Possibly more evidence that they aren’t actually Communists, but are […]

Toby Seems Really Interested in IWMP

>be SSadmin >see post about trannies >say they’re mentally ill and should be shunned from society [exact quote: “mental illness should be shunned from society” – could have worded it better but it had the context of being a post about trannies] >some guy called Toby comes to the page >asks me who I am […]

Best Korea is Best Korea

North Korea is not Communist anymore. Kim-il Sung himself said he didn’t want a “reformation” of (((Marxism)))-Leninism with Juche, but a complete departure from it – criticizing the fact that the Commies and nationalists of the 1920s were “divorced from the masses.” Juche is basically national socialism for Koreans. It emphasizes the importance of race, […]

The Equality Conundrum

Can’t remember who submitted this to the IWMP page. Contact us on Facebook and we’ll give you credit, goyo. Well-written piece: ===================================== Free people are not equal. Equal people are not free. (Think this one over and over and it makes sense!) “A gun is like a parachute. If you need one and don’t have one, […]