Anon Sums Up Why “Redpilling Normies” Is a Sham

Nobody will give up their comfort and security. Nobody will risk it. A lot of “normie whites” are on easy street still. They go to their jobs, they pay their credit cards, they build their credit score, pay their car payments, home payment or rent, they don’t own fuck all, and they just try to convince themselves they are apolitical bourgeois so they don’t rock the boat and risk pissing off anyone.

The American is much like the Russian: no higher ideals; so long as they have their roof and food and the chance to get their fuck on, they won’t make noise, and don’t really care what group or race runs them as master. And just like the Russian, you’d need to destabilize this base mode of living before they’d give enough of a shit.

It’s only when the commoner becomes hopeless about their base necessities do they re-evaluate their leadership and get politically involved seriously. It was the same after the crash in ’29. It took that to get the American public to even listen to someone like Huey Long and the Jew-hating Father Coughlin, who called out these agitators and controllers.

Today? Americans have their fantasy football, their car payment, their shit job where they smile at their Jew boss and get a check, their Tinder fucking behind their spouses’ back, another of the hundred million busted on Ashley Madison, a cornerstone of American ideals.

There’s no saving these scum. Find a good hobby.

Oh, and Australians? LOL. They’re even stupider. I remember hearing a white Australian male actually argue: “if you get rid of all the guns, there’ll be no more shooting, what don’t you Americans get?”

He honestly believed it was that simple. Maybe Aussies can’t fathom our niggerproblem.

Original pic.

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