Top 10 Reasons Nothing Will Be Done About the Skypes

We talked about the black pill a while ago. We mentioned the gist of why we don’t believe anything will be done about the kikes. The current article is just an in-depth exploration on why

You probably already know – either from the article above or from this Zero Tolerance article we’ve kept telling you to read – that we don’t believe there’s a “legal” way out of this crap.

Kosher “nationalist” parties are just liberals who are afraid Sharia law will take away their degenerate habits, sodomy, cummies, and comfy politician positions.

They don’t address (((the core issue))). In fact, they most often play the anti-Semitism card when a member of their party calls out the Jew for something bad.

kosher nationalism

As such, only a bloody revolution where every last politician, goon, and most importantly, Jew would be destroyed would form any semblance of a “things are starting to look better” scenario.

Note:  There is a myriad of other reasons that could be added here. You can tell us about them on the Facebook page or in the comments. Let’s just get this over with once and for all.

Note 2: This is written from the perspective of a European (though I’ll be discussing ‘merica as well). Burgers have guns and will (most likely) end up like South Africa eventually.

1) The Lügenpresse

One of the biggest problems that stand in the way of this revolution I mentioned is obviously (((the maynstreem meteor))). It needs to be completely shoah’d lest we get everyone and their mothers on our case.


Because let’s be honest – information travels at breakneck speeds nowadays. That means we have to destroy it in all its forms:

  • Newspapers & magazines;
  • Television;
  • The Internet;

Or, at least the very least, find a way to incapacitate it long enough to do something. Unless you goys find a way to disable satellites, cable TV, and print media in a short period of time, worldwide, you’re out of luck.

The next item on the list ties very well together with the Lügenpresse. You’ll see why in a second.

2) Honeypots & Controlled Opposition

Most everyone who is given a platform in (((the media))) is controlled. I always find this kind of shit funny. Muh everyone and the Pope was against Trump! Every leftist and Jew hate him and the other kosher nationalists!!1″

But as (((Lenin))) once said:

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.

You really think Jews would give a voice to someone they perceive as a threat? No, they are summarily executed.


You’ve seen how controlled opposition works, and not just by “alt-liters” such as Gavin McAnus, (((The Rebel))), Milo, PJW, and the rest of the kosher nationalist brigade. Including every last “nationalist” party who had any traction in these past years’ elections:

I could go on like this but you get the point. None of the current politicians working in (((The System))) are /ourguys/ by any stretch of the imagination.

But that’s not all, and I’ll include a special section of “controlled opposition” to those particularly deserving of it.

3) Limited Hangout/ Traitors

A special kind of place in hell goes to those who name the Jew but still find it perfectly acceptable to do his bidding. You probably know who they are, but in case you don’t, here’s a quicc rundown of the main ones:

kike enoch

Basically, anyone who says they’re anti-Jews but openly support Trump, Putin, or any type of kosher nationalism is liable to be a shill. That includes David Duke (yes) and his purity spiraling arguments.

Definitely don’t forget about those who criticize “purity spiraling” and advocate for a big tent movement.

The next on the list is something that will most likely hit very hard. Prepare your almonds.

4) The Samson Option & Operation Talpiot

What is the Samson Option? Let’s say that by some divine intervention that we achieve total national socialist revolution across the entire world save for Israel (hint: no). The kikes still have one ace up their sleeve. Hundreds of nukes ready to be deployed at every nation they consider their enemy.

If you thought Germany getting demolished by (((Allies))) and (((Soviets))) during World War 2 was bad, imagine getting your country turned into a smoldering pile of Holocaust victims.

dresden bombings

Pic related.

But maybe even the kikes aren’t crazy enough to burn the entire planet while they’re still on it. MAYBE. They still have one controlling aspect that made me realize why world leaders don’t just exterminate them (aside from blackmail about their pedo affairs) and free themselves from their shackles (shekels?)

Operation Talpiot is basically “Jews control everything.” You already knew that, but how far do you think it goes? How does controlling Sydney’s water supply sound? How about the world’s entire electronic infrastructure?

I didn’t want to blow my head off so I didn’t get into it all – but holy damn to these kikes have some oily tendrils.


We return to the idea that through some divine juju, a couple of white countries manage to liberate themselves. What happens next is that every other EU, NATO or UN member will join in to “destroy fascism” in that country as they have with Germany in WW2 (i.e. raze it to the ground).

“But IWMP, what if every white country in the world liberated themselves?” There’s an explanation to why that won’t work either (besides the obvious utopian scenario).

6) Russia & China

For every white country to liberate themselves, a lot of blood must be spilled. In that weakened state, they remain but easy pickings for the Russian or Chinese armies.

Remember that Russia is also ruled by kikes despite what “realpolitik” angle Anglin or other “saviors of Orthodoxy” may try to come up with. So has been China for a long while.

Rittenberg was one of the very few foreign nationals who had remained in China after the communists came to power in 1949 and one of an even smaller number who had managed to work their way into Mao’s inner circle, serving the communist leadership as valued advisers, trusted emissaries and even revolutionary leaders.

In addition to Rittenberg, there was Austrian, ((((((Jakob Rosenfeld)))))), commanding officer of the Communist 4th Army’s medical unit; ((((((Israel Epstein)))))) from Poland, a journalist who served as the Chinese government’s head of international public relations; and London-born David Crook, dean of the Beijing Foreign Languages University.

Although their backgrounds were varied and their motivations for coming to China diverse, these doctors, writers and educators had one thing in common — all of them were Jewish.

Fat chance of there being a global revolution in our favor to stop that from happening. Plus…

7) …Europe Has No Goddamn Weapons

In a country ruled by traitors – it comes as no surprise that only the traitors have the means to defend themselves properly. You might remember that since the (((Allies))) liberated us from the Nayzis, the (((Soviets))) took control of one part of the continent, while the (((Allies))) took the other.

Of course, almost every other European country was disarmed and firearm usage was severely restricted. Sure, with some permits (e.g. for hunting) you can get yourself a weapon. That’s usually heavily regulated. Even if it’s not, what usually happens is stuff like this. Yeah.

8) We’re Not Just Fighting Jews, Negroes, and Arabs

This is one of the more extreme views IWMP has taken but apparently still eludes some of you. You know about white traitors in the government, military, academia etc. But what about the “average” citizens who are just straight up lefties, anarchists, lolbertarians, and others of the sort?

Simply put, some people cannot be un-brainwashed. How many of you who LARP about Deus Vult, gas the kikes, race war now would actually go through with exterminating a great part of your own people?

Here comes the hardest bit.

This includes teens and pre-teens who’ve engaged in sodomy, as well. You simply can’t reform faggotry. Let’s say you could technically reverse the process by wasting resources on therapy (no). But then you have to give them extra therapy because you murdered these kids’ parents.

You didn’t think they got that way because they had non-degenerate parents, did you? What loyalty do you think these kids would have to the powers that have turned them all into Batman?

It would be indulgent to say that 5% out of them understand that it needed to be done. This is essentially becoming a Trolley meme problem where no choice is good so we just take the less time-consuming route.

9) Irreversible Fertility Rate for Whites

Too lazy for the numbers, but here’s a video:

That and the fact that kneegroe and Arab babies are the majority in white countries means you have 1 or 2 generations before you’re kaput.

10) It’s Been a Neverending Cycle for Millennia

You’ve seen from The Daily Stormer (yeah, I know), that Jews have been kicked out ~360 times. That’s countless civilizations that couldn’t do shit even without everything we’ve discussed so far.

It’s been a never-ending cycle of:

  • Jews do thing;
  • Oy vey 6 million burned bushes;
  • Convert or fuck off;
  • Some convert and continue to do thing;

Rinse and repeat. However simplified this may be, it’s the plain truth. The planet will be in ashes before the Jews give up their shekels.

Some Honorable Mentions

I’d probably say modern medicine (which leads to a weak stock of humans – see #8 on the list), the Industrial Revolution, human rights, colonization, CRISPR, VR technology, microchipping.

And this isn’t even getting into the esoteric mumbo-jumbo.

But it’d take an entire eBook to explain everything, so I’ll leave it up to you to do your research.

What Can We Do?

If you’ve made it here without blowing an almond or two, congratulations. In any case, I’d expect a lot of you to start complaining about how we never offer any constructive solutions. Even though we’ve talked about them a lot, but whatever. In any case, I’ll copy-pasto what I mentioned in the blackpill article:

“[…] you can still work on yourself:

  • Go to the gym, or, if that’s not possible
  • Do hard labor like farming, carpentry, etc.;
  • Train in martial arts;
  • Read a lot of history;
  • Take care of your friends and loved ones;
  • Live a degeneracy-free life, or struggle towards one;

When society inevitably collapses (whether economic bubble collapse or civil war, remains to be seen), you will be the ones to rebuild.”

Made by Jovan, one of our fans.

Look, even The Right Stuff has an article about it. For the (((all you do is punch right))) crowd out there. c|:^)

Czech out this other stuff, too:


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Nothing Will Be Done About the Skypes

  1. Options other than surrender:
    1) Mass convert to Islam. Get allies. End degeneracy and women voting. 15 kids for Allah. No Israel by Thursday. Racial characteristics still manifest.

    2) Mass convert to Judaism. Mass migrate to Israel. We’re all (((chosen))) now. Degeneracy not pushed on (((our))) kids. (((We))) infiltrate (((their))) institutions. Khazars diluted out of existence. Jewish prophecy still comes true. Racial characteristics still manifest.


    1. 1) Implying Abdullah would let you keep your women after converting and won’t take them as bounty. Funny theory and would like it to happen (aside from the fact that Islam is a Judaic sect but whatever), but in practice no.

      2) I would rather shoot off my cock and feed it to leeches than breed with a Jewess or be around Jews all the time.


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