Who Do We “Endorse”?

If you’ve followed us long enough, you know that we like to “complain” a lot about [insert non-coherent pro-white/anti-political correctness group leaders]. Besides, you know we always end up being right somehow (must be the Romanian Slavic-Latin juju [heh jew-jew right guise (^:]).

Some examples:

Maybe you remember the time we mentioned we don’t put our trust in anyone out in the open media. Safe to safe that nobody on the Jew’s dime is going to be of any real consequence to their cause. “Controlled opposition” or not. Don’t you agree?

kike enoch

My quarter Jew wife is redpilled.

Who do you even trust in a world where even TRS have shown this weakness? Well, there are the non-kosher meme pages (you know who you are).

Then there are some movements such as National Action, Scottish Dawn, Nordic Resistance Movement, and others who seem to get no air time because exposure to their ideology might compromise (((their))) hegemony. Again, always take everything with a grain of salt, as the Jew’s nose is long, and may rear itself anywhere.

There also seem to be no (((connections))) found among Golden Dawn, though some Greek commenters said they were acting retarded. Personally, I have not looked further into the matter – so feel free to do so yourself.

Still, regarding such movements, be on your guard cause you never know. For example, the main reason I’m skeptical about Scottish Dawn is because of the muh brave veterans shilling they did in their videos.

Those veterans are one of the main the reasons their country is shit in the first place.

We know you can’t expect such movements to be too outspoken about that, but refusal to address race traitors among your ranks won’t do you any favors. Pussy-footing around it is just what judes want.

Bottom Line

Don’t trust e-celebs, any kind of politician, and follow the yellow brick road (it’s usually made of gold and leads to Mr. (((Gerstein)))’s mansion.) By that I mean follow the money. I wish there was more to say, but I just needed some link for the ever-extending “IWMP FAQ.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

zero tolerance

TL;DR purity spiral the fuck out, despite what anyone says.


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