An Analysis on North Korea

All credit goes to Vlad Babayan for messaging us this analysis.

“This phrase “Axis of Evil” was used in Bush’s 2002 State of the Union and the phrase was essentially coined by (((David Frum))) and (((Yossef Bodansky))).

All these countries, with the exception of Cuba, have one thing in common: Extremely hostile relations with Israel.

EDIT from Madmin – Cuba isn’t exactly best friends with Israel, as they showed support for Palestinians on some occasions. However, they are not hostile, and Castro has claimed he had (((Marrano))) ancestry.

It Was My Privilege

Since this address was given, Libya and Iraq have been destabilized and essentially ruined. Syria is on the brink of the same fate. America has become increasingly more hostile towards Iran and North Korea.

If those two countries fall, we’re all utterly fucked.

North Korea is the closest thing we’ve seen to a National-Socialist government since the Third Reich.

Most consider them to be communist, but they’ve long abandoned their Leninist philosophy and moved more towards non-Marxist socialism.

It Was My Privilege

In addition, the emphasis they put on racial purity is inherently anti-communist. Communists not only believe in economic equality, but also racial equality.

That’s why the Soviets thought putting us and Azeris together in one country wouldn’t be problematic as long as they disincentivized national pride and religion.

North Korea doesn’t tolerate anything of the sort, and their policy reflects this:

It Was My Privilege

North Korea has had a hostile relationship with Israel for as long as they’ve existed, and they’ve paid the price for this. The country is shit for agriculture and depends on trade to sustain itself.

Unfortunately, being as hostile as it is with the (((West))) means facing embargoes the likes of which no nation has ever seen before.

I don’t deny that they have issues with resources, but I don’t buy that it’s because of communism.

It’s because everyone refuses to trade with them. Of course, having a terrible relationship with Israel means having a terrible relationship with America and the West.

North Korea stands up to Israel, and pays the price for it. Just as Libya did; just as Iraq did; and just as Syria is doing right now.

It Was My Privilege

As far as human rights go, I don’t really believe that human rights violations are a valid reason to intervene in a country and destabilize it. Even if everything we hear about North Korea is true, I still don’t think that’s a good reason to start a war with them.

That being said, I absolutely don’t believe everything the media tells us about North Korea.

Most of what we’ve heard about the camps and human rights abuses is unsubstantiated. I don’t exactly think Kim Jong-Un is an angel, but I respect the nation’s principles and wish them the best.

A war with North Korea is a war fought for the Zionists.

It Was My Privilege


Pretty well said. Here’s some more info on NK:


2 thoughts on “An Analysis on North Korea

  1. Why can’t you retards understand anything other than “It was the Jews”?

    Is this the American public school system?

    Or is it all the inbreeding among whites?


    1. because the evidence gathered indicated that source of biggest issue is international jew
      whether we understand something or not, it has no impact on the fact that jews are people destroying the whole of world for their own gain


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