Best Korea is Best Korea

North Korea is not Communist anymore. Kim-il Sung himself said he didn’t want a “reformation” of (((Marxism)))-Leninism with Juche, but a complete departure from it – criticizing the fact that the Commies and nationalists of the 1920s were “divorced from the masses.”

Juche is basically national socialism for Koreans. It emphasizes the importance of race, self-determination, etc. Just like Nazi Germany.

best korea 2

Also, NK has an (((economic embargo))) on them from basically everyone except China. That’s why the economic standards are so shitty.

They won’t bow down to the Jew, so they suffer the same fate as Germany in WW2.–North_Korea_relations

Here’s a tl;dr of their external relationships:

Israeli-North Korean relations are very hostile, and North Korea has never recognized the state of Israel, denouncing it as an “imperialist satellite”. Since 1988 it recognizes the sovereignty of the State of Palestine over all of Israel, except for the Golan Heights, which it recognizes as part of Syria.

North Korea literally doesn’t recognize Israel as a legitimate state, recognizes Palestine instead, doesn’t have a ((((((Rothschild)))))) central bank, has no Jews (except an arrested 1 in 2015), and is embargoed by every Jew-owned country like Nazi Germany – soon to be warred against.


>they shit on their own people

According to the Jew-owned media? Nice job being a good goy, and believing the propaganda.

(((They))) did the same thing with Iraq and Saddam + Libya and Gaddafi.

They’re not intentionally starving their own people. But when literally the entire Jew-owned planet places economic restrictions on you and your only friends are some Ching-Chongs who help you out just for strategic interest in the area, what do you expect?

best korea 3

In 2005, Dong-hyuk (pronounced dong-YUKE) became the only known survivor of Camp 14. In the years since, he has traveled the world raising the alarm about North Korea’s treatment of political dissidents, including five visits to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and a meeting with survivors in 2009 at the ((((((Simon Wiesenthal)))))) Center’s Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. He plans to visit Yad Vashem in Jerusalem later this year.


Remember, it was all real in their mind.

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