The National Socialist Organic State

This is an analogy of how I see the national socialist “Organic society” would work out:

Let’s say I have 5 children, all of mostly equal ages. One or two of them are resourceful and know how to deal with most situations in a mature way. At 16 they would probably get their own job, and at 18 they would work to move out of the house of their own accord – to become productive members of society.

The other three are just plain stupid. I still love them because they’re my children, but I’m not a “no child left behind” type of guy like the liberals.

If you are a dumbass, I will tell you that you are a dumbass and I will try to help you overcome it.

aryan family

Look at that dumbass just sleeping like that.

Everyone has different ways of looking at life, and helping out dumbasses work out life through their own narrow mind frame – I believe – is a core principle of national socialism.

Essentially, the Fuhrer sees his race/nation as his giant family. Some of his kids are brilliant and would be put in the service of helping their dumbass brothers and sisters find out their calling.

Perhaps there are autists out there that are incredibly gifted mathematicians or can memorize a page in a book just by looking at it for 30 seconds.

As such, you take the first one to a professor of mathematics and get him an engineering job where such complicated calculations are very present. The other one can be a magnificent government spy due to the ability to retain information almost photographically.

These are just some extreme examples, but I’m sure you can conclude how that would work in real life.

For a transcript, click here.

“We believe that you have got to have an organic society. Now by an organic society, we mean a society, not a dictatorship, but a society in which the parts of society cooperate together in different functions, and in peace and harmony, just the way your body works.” – George Lincoln Rockwell

But for that society to work you need a Fuhrer, which in German means “guide” not “dictator” as the (((media))) would have you believe.

Basically, a “Shepherd” leading everyone to greatness through his virtue.

It will certainly look like a dictatorship because all the pestilent elements of society will come to the surface and complain (Marxists, communists, Skypes, homosexuals, democrats, social justice warriors, green hippies, etc.)

Even Hans-Hermann Hoppe (about the only lolbertarian thinker I can stomach) believed that if you wanted a lolbertarian order, you would have to remove the infectious elements.

Unfortunately, there would have to be a collective effort from multiple nations to become like that. Otherwise, something like WW2 would happen where an (((economic embargo))) would be imposed on a country, and a war waged against it for wanting to control its own destiny.

judea declares war on germany

Oy vey how dare you support Boycott, Divest, Sanction? -Our Greatest Ally

A TL;DR of the Above

National Socialism and Fascism aim to help the people find what they’re good at and nurture that talent in the service of the people/race (natsocs) or the state (fascism.)

No shitty free market capitalism (Jew feudalism) or mediocre distributive marxism (Jew communism), but rather tribalist “eugenic socialism.”

  • You sacrifice something for the family
  • The family sacrifices something for the neighborhood
  • The neighborhood sacrifices something for the city
  • The city for the county
  • The county for the state
  • The state for the nation

As for the lolbertarians who keep complaining about “muh welfare,” I’ll say this:

Nowhere in national socialist Germany did people receive money because they’re lazy.

It was eugenic socialism instead of dysgenic socialism, you got financial benefits such as interest-free loans and tax breaks for being married, working, and having children. It encouraged people to work hard and be upstanding members of society.

To keep with the analogy I made in the beginning, if your kids are good at something, you reward them. Of course, you don’t go overboard otherwise you go down the “no child left behind” route.

Why Are You Treating People Like Children?

Because that’s what they basically are. An anecdotal “responsible child” doesn’t account for how many stupid people there are in this world who simply can’t breathe without the media telling them to do so.

It sounds harsh, but that’s reality. People need some tough love to survive beyond the “eat – shit – die” principle. Succ it up.

To conclude, here is a video from Dr. William Luther Pierce on the subject:


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