Let’s Talk About the “Blackpill” for a Moment

TL;DR This isn’t the 1930s

People see no reason to start some lynchings for fear that they will lose their livelihoods. Which they are still losing, by the way. Just at a slower rate and on the enemy’s terms.

The former group wants to take the easy, “legal” way out:

  • Voting;
  • Petitions;
  • Writing to your local politicians;
  • Believing they can enact change by talking to their superiors;

What they don’t realize is that the Jew has had millennia and hundreds of (((lawyers))) at their disposal. They molded the laws of every country to their own ends.

That is especially after Germany went out of line. You know the expression: “Never again”? It’s not about the Lolocaust not happening again. It’s about no country falling out of line ever again.

dresden bombings

And it seems to be that way when most of the good men died in both world wars. The ones that are left now are:

  • Unarmed and unable to access weaponry because the (((enemy))) took them. This is in regards to harsh anti-gun laws in Europe.
  • Have too comfy a lifestyle. As I mentioned in the beginning, people are afraid to lose their livelihoods. Only when this economic bubble collapses over them will they feel the consequences of their (in)action.
  • They are a bunch of feminist boipuccis or sodomites. Plain and simple.

Ultimately, even if one country falls out of line again, (((NATO)) and the (((UN))) will quickly dispatch multiple other nations’ armies at their throats. Maybe impose economic embargos to starve out the population (as they’re doing with North Korea), and basically destroy them as they did with Germany in WW2.

You would need a collaboration between multiple political entities like Golden Dawn, National Action, the Nordic Resistance Movement, etc. to stage well-timed coups in every country for that not to happen.

So yeah, black pill it is until we get the ability to have splicer and cyborg Nazis or society collapses enough for the far-right to take power.

What, you didn’t know about splicer Nazis?

But What Is “the Blackpill”?

Blackpilled is a word created by some literal virgins (omegavirginblog or some shit), and made famous my (((Morrakow))) of (((TRS))). We’re not nihilists: life has the meaning you give to it.

If your meaning is to die for a rotten society completely infested by noses, it’s your choice. We’ll take the “wait for collapse’ route, a viewpoint ironically espoused by (((TRS))) as well.

TL;DR ain’t dying for no coalburners and degenerates. The only people I’ve seen worth saving in this country are going to die in a decade or so, anyway. (As in, they’re too old to feel the effects of being freed from Judery for a meaningful amount of time.)

The blackpill implies you have nothing left to live for, because it is all for nothing. Though it implies that, you can still work on yourself:

  • Go to the gym, or, if that’s not possible
  • Do hard labor like farming, carpentry, etc.;
  • Train in martial arts;
  • Read a lot of history;
  • Take care of your friends and loved ones;
  • Live a degeneracy-free life, or struggle towards one;
  • Travel maybe (though, personally, [SSadmin] I’ve no desire to see the “vibrant culture” of the West and just want to see some cool landscapes).

When society inevitably collapses (whether economic bubble collapse or civil war, remains to be seen), you will be the ones to rebuild.

Yuri Bezmenov very masterfully described the Communist tactic of “politics judo”:

You cannot stop the blow of a powerful, “heavy” enemy by punching back. Instead, you grab him by the arm and use his weight against him to throw him against the wall.

Once we learn that – and only then – can we start to burn this kosher household down to the ground, and build a new society. The Organic state. National Socialism.


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