Are Meme Pages Political Organizations Now?

Man, when did meme pages become valid political organizations in peoples’ eyes? For anyone believing absolutely everything we put out: stop it.

Not necessarily because we’re liars or anything, but as I mentioned to a commenter, we are fighting a propaganda war.

“Propaganda should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths.” ― Joseph Goebbelsjoseph

“Ur gettin’ memed, friend.” – J. Goebbels

As such (though we always try to provide sauce), there may be factually incorrect memes, or memes you couldn’t provide evidence in favor or against (like Rockefeller getting his 7th heart transplant), unless you were in bed with the (((elites))) and had access to his private medical records.

We’ve also called a lot of people shills over these past months. Then people kept asking us to name someone who is not a shill, and who also happens to be present in the (((media))).

I’ve always mentioned this to people in the comments, but I see I’ll need a note for this:

Trust nobody, not even yourself.

Yes, the meme was right:
• Take everything you read with a grain of salt, and do your own research.
• Use alternative search engines to Google, Yahoo, and Bing who are also fighting a propaganda war – providing you with only kosher news sources and informational resources.
• Remember that 95% of media is controlled by Skypes. (That’s a statistic I just pulled out of my magic ass. You already lost!) – But seriously, you’ve seen how the (((mainstream media))) works.
• Nobody who is actually speaking the truth will be given the spotlight. As such, you won’t see “virulent anti-semites” given a platform.
• Last but not least – FOLLOW THE MONEY.

It will eventually lead you to this guy, in one shape or another.

behind 7 goyim

Don’t just check the “people within the company.” Look at investors, partners, etc.

One last thing: Stop using that bullshit “intellectual dishonesty” argument, thinking that people will appreciate you for it. Leftists and normies don’t care for your intellectual honesty.

If you’re not using that fact to your advantage in the propaganda war, you’re a fool. That’s exactly what the Skypes are betting on. You thinking that cold, hard facts will change somebody’s mind.


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