The Reason There Are So Many WW2 Movies Every Year

Let us imagine, audience members, that the British are trying to invade once again. They have taken control of our government now, what are you going to do?

Well, people will say: “Well, war. Fuck, get the fuck out. We’ve already done this before. We can do it again, no big deal.”

If I say it’s the Russians; if I say it’s the Chinese: “Okay, fine, no big deal, alright. You know, if that’s what we have to do. War sucks. War is hell. But, if we gotta do it, we gotta do it!”

But if I say: “It’s the Jews.” Just think about that. What is your reaction to that?

“Woah, woah, woah, what are you- the Jews, wha- *hyperventilates* Are you- are you some kind of anti-Semite? Are you some kind of Nazi?”

What’s with your reaction to that? I mean, when I said the British are invading… Imagine that, the British are invading, the British have taken over — you’re fine with that. When I say the Chinese are invading, you’re fine with that.

As soon as I said “the Jews,” suddenly you have an issue. Now, why is that? What is with– you have to check yourself. You know? Examine your mind. What type of information are you RECEIVING that’s making you think this way?

Is it, for instance, because I don’t know:

Every year there’s about 5 *at least* key movies, 1 or 2 major movies I would say, about the Holocaust. And then plenty of other smaller ones about World War 2.

They all deal with, you know “HITLER! THE NAZIS!” Is it because, if you – I swear to you, I promise you this – if you were to pick out the… Just think of the top 10 movies that you’ve liked over the past year, that have come out.

I swear to you that the vast majority of them will have a reference to the Holocaust, Nazis, it will have the word “Nazi” in it, or it will have the word “Hitler” in it, or it will have something about being an anti-Semite.

Or, it’ll have something about being Jewish, being proud of being Jewish. So you are CONSTANTLY being reminded:

“JEWISH PEOPLE, JEWISH PEOPLE. JEWISH PEOPLE ARE OKAY. HITLER, HITLER BAD. HOLOCAUST BAD. Bla bla bla, you are fucking being mind controlled.”

And that’s how it is. You are being fucking mind controlled to think this way. I mean, think about if every year there was like a key- a huge movie- what was the last one?

“Valkyrie” with Tom Cruise? I don’t know, I don’t think that was the last one. We also had the, uh- what’s that fuckin’ dumb one that just came out? It was sort of like a comedy/action thing and some…

I can’t even remember the fuckin’ name of it- I think Tarantino did it, or something, with some Nazi… “Inglourious Basterds”?

Inglourious Basterds. I mean, this is the kind of shit, you know? What if every year you had a couple of huge blockbuster-level movies that were like, you know:

“Don’t fight the British. The British are good. Americans are bad. You are fucking bad for fighting the British, tadadadada.”

I mean what if this was fucking drilled into your head over and over again? What would you be thinking? If I were to say “fuck the British,” suddenly you would be like: “Man, what the fuck? Dude, the British are great! Hold on a minute!”

You know, I mean come on! What if I told you that the majority of Congress right now is Chinese, and that 90-something percent of the porn industry is controlled by the Chinese, and that every… almost every major feminist leader is Chinese, and that almost every single gun control law was put into place by a Chinese politician?

Wouldn’t you be like: “Holy shit! Are these motherfuckers trying to take us over? I think so, I think we gotta do something about the Chinese now!”

Yeah, sure! That’s a conclusion, duh! Okay, fine, let’s go fuckin’ hunt these motherfuckers down, get them out of our fuckin’ country, right? Simple.

Okay, but as soon as I say “Jews”… This is the kind of situation, guys. It’s a programming issue. And you’ve got to move beyond it.


2 thoughts on “The Reason There Are So Many WW2 Movies Every Year

  1. I get that you tried to write this in a stream of thought style, but it makes the article look amateur and doesn’t read coherently. Please learn to write.


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