Traian Ungureanu: Stupidity vs. Barbarity

An article by Romanian EU Parliament member, Traian Ungureanu:

Now, more than ever, is the time to talk about the abject stupidity of Europe. Not stupidity in general, but when faced with Muslim barbarity. In 1915, a forgotten Russian minister, tired of all the Czarist stupidity against Bolshevik barbarity, had this to say: the government paralytics languidly fight the epileptic revolutionaries.

After exactly one hundred years, we are in the same situation. The European elite make silly speeches from the rostrum, while Muslim terrorists shoot freely through the room.

Sunday night [November 22nd, 2015], the only notable presence in Brussels was local specters ready to jump to the sidewalk at the sound of a sneeze. Glances like those of hunted-down animals attentively followed the uninspired movement of anyone who dared search their own coat for a pen or cigarettes.

If you want to avoid the neuroses that create Looney bins out of larger cities in the West and you don’t want to see your children halved by Muslim bombs, do not rely on the European elite.

Most of us know this: if you invite someone into your home and the guest demands, as soon as he has sat down in his chair, that your wife does not wear make-up, or lets you know that he will not use the toilet because the dining room is wider and closer, you ask him out. Along with all of his traditions, history and cultural diversity.

Our political leaders and media outlets are, however, of a very different opinion. The more outrageously demanding the guests are, the more admirable and fascinating the culture from whence they came seems to them [elite + leftists], and the more welfare the guests and his numerous family receive in return. Not to mention that the wise men crammed into the Muslim ghettos receive information from newspapers, schools, and political discourses, whereby the culture of the host country is the scum of the Earth.

In these circumstances, the respectable guests decide to impose their own laws, what we can and cannot publish, and what we can joke about and what we cannot. And, eventually, they decide how much we deserve to live.

It Was My Privilege

This is what Europe looks like after being polished for decades by progressive-leftist ideology, formally adopted without exception by all political trends. In the words (questionably) placed on the Romanian anti-corruption campaign banner: what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

[“Toti o apa si-un pamant” in Romanian; in free translation it conveys the idea of “We are all the same.”]

No politician or media celebrity has the gall to say what we Christians, Western and Eastern European are good at anymore. Nor do they ask themselves: what have the Muslims contributed to society in the past 1,500 years, except perfecting the hookah?

The murderous rage of Islam is said to be the well deserved answer to Western interventionism in the Arab world. Really? Why then, does the Islamic State kill Shiites, Kurds and Joradanians? Is it still because of British Imperialism?

And another thing: after two nuclear detonations in Japan and 50 years of Soviet dictatorship in Eastern Europe, where are Japanese American terrorists vowed to kill Americans, and the Polish terrorists with suicide vests in the Moscow Metro? The problem is not that the West intervened in the Middle East, but that it did not intervene enough.

A large portion of the European elite swears they want to destroy the Islamic State, but it is not enough to bomb the enemy’s corn fields. And theories about Islamic greatness do not help in the slightest.

A second piece of official European bollocks says that the Islamic State has nothing to do with real Islam. Muslim terrorists distort Islamic teachings. Remember, ignorance is strength. We are, in fact, faced with the old leftist argument which swears that Lenin, Stalin and Ceausescu have betrayed and distorted glorious and noble Socialism. After all, religion does not exist if people do not believe in it.

Another explanation resentfully reminds us that the West has robbed the Arab world, that it stole its oil and destroyed its numerous resources: from the Persian rug, to the camel. Obviously, the roads, hospitals, and literacy the West has left behind are not considered. But if the Arabs need reparations, it can be arranged. They just need to wait a bit, at least until we receive our reparations from the Ottomans and from the Russians.

Up next, come the arguments of poverty and exclusion. Unemployment and marginalization should excuse the grief-stricken actions of the poor radicals (“terrorist” is not allowed; the man could feel offended and his vest might explode). It follows that the Muslims are the only poor people in the world.

The Indians, Chinese, Bulgarians and Lithuanians all endure poverty, but only the Muslims are allowed to rebel by slaughtering innocent people. In addition, through some kind of mystery that continues to escape observers, Eastern Europeans and Asians find work. The Muslims (and only them) arrive too late and remain on welfare, in rented housing paid for by the State, which, of course, infuriates them.

Perhaps that’s what made these troubled people spit and swear at the French special forces which eliminated the hidden terrorist cell in the Saint Denis after the Friday, November 13th Paris massacre.

But maybe it’s better in Belgium. In Molenbeek – the little neighborhood-big terrorist nest in Brussels – there is a building with a bar downstairs. That was the nest where the disenfranchised could go and compare Kalashnikovs.

On the floors above, Romanian and Polish workers. Their answer to the question: “What do you know about the neighbors downstairs?” “We do not know anything; we get up at five in the morning, go to work, return at night, eat something, and go to bed.”

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