Libcuck Hate Mail

WEWEWEW The Libcuck police has been hot on our trail for some time now.

I meant to upload these some time ago, but completely forgot about them.

It’s your average hipster cuck who acts like a condescending woman instead of a man, so that he would seem like the better person.

It Was My Privilege

Then again, libcucks believe sitting in the closet and peeking out to see Tyrone plowing their wives makes them the better person.

It Was My Privilege

To be completely honest, I can’t say I expected a different ending.

We also had a whore from Canada or the US, not really sure, who tried to “troll” us I guess. It’s honestly hard to tell with libcucks if they are trying to make a joke or if they are actually retarded.

It Was My Privilege

Yes, she was a woman. I checked. Got no idea who the guy in the photo was. I’m guessing her beta orbiter.

It Was My Privilege

She kind of went full “Oy vey shut it down” mode when she found out we’re not from the US though. The liberal mind sure is interesting to watch.

Also, here’s another kek-worthy photo I can’t upload on kikebook for obvious reasons.

It Was My Privilege

Got some hate mail on my private profile as well, but I’ll upload them later on.

– Madmin


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