Libcuck Logic 101: Part 1

Today we’re gonna be taking a look at something most of us already know: That libcucks are brainwashed beyond belief. 

Yuri was definitely right when he said that trying to open the eyes of a progressive is useless, something that we have come to understand on our own.

Even though there might be a few of them who have a change of heart when they see the truth, most of them will act like babies and start crying because the redpill is just to tough to swallow.

Case in point.

It Was My Privilege

At first sight, it looks like your average liberal response. Still, it’s not too bad. Sure, it has a hint of cuck, but it’s not too strong yet. Although, that last sentence does make me think of a young boy who’s trying to impress girls with his astoundingly crazy jokes.

He even said he “would agree top some extent that Muslims countries have a cultural problem”. His words, not mine. You already know our stance on Muslims, so I won’t get into it. But I will show you how that “agreement” is just a word that means nothing to libcucks.

It Was My Privilege

Here’s the video in question, so that you can see how grateful all those rapefugees really are for the aid they are getting. They’re so grateful, teargas had to be used because they resorted to using a makeshift battering ram. Just like real refugees, right?

His response was pretty much what you’d expect.

It Was My Privilege

Yes, his link leads to some study that wants to show how women have it bad in the East. Completely off-topic and irrelevant when you consider what I asked, but what do you expect from a faggot?

It Was My Privilege

This is the Pastie link, but a lot of the articles have been taken down.

How convenient c|:^)

No need to worry though. There’s plenty of research available:

Here’s another interesting one, which would explain why many Christians are such pussies nowadays:

“Among Christians, women attend religious services more often, but among Muslims and Orthodox Jews, men attend more often”

The end of the debate is exactly, and I mean exactly, what you would expect from a liberal pussy.

It Was My Privilege

Maybe this would help you better understand why we no longer wish to waste time on libcucks who think they’re smarter than us. Sure, it’s fun to argue with them, but it eventually gets too annoying and enraging.

And yes, you guessed it. The guy looks like a total faggot.

It Was My Privilege

  – Madmin


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