Schleb the Pleb Got Triggered

Apparently I’m a misogynist for saying that proper men don’t act like women, but like men. Libcucks seem to think that saying that means being a woman is bad.

Obviously, it isn’t. But being a man and acting like a woman is.

Why? Because no self-respecting decent woman would take you seriously. She would just write you off as a pitiful faggot who isn’t worth shit.

To cite my gf: “Schleb? More like Pleb”.

See? Women will make fun of you if you are weak. And they should.

It Was My Privilege

Here’s the faggot in question. I dare you to tell me he doesn’t look like a feminized male.

It Was My Privilege

You might have power on Facebook you cuck, but here you’re still a pathetic, weak excuse for a boy.

– Madmin


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