Discussion on Feminism, Voting Rights, and the effect of Liberal and Emotions Politics on the Western World

Instead of writing an article, I’ve decided to just post the whole discussion between me an an anti-liberal female fan (herein referred to as ALFF) and to add in further ideas and links of interest.

The discussion took place in the comment section of a picture on our old Facebook page which got taken down by the Zucc.

ALFF: You’re actually suggesting that the world would be a better place if women couldn’t vote? Is that what you’re saying, because that’s what it sounds like.

How about we fix the actual problem, our terrible education system that indoctrinates young ppl with insane liberal theology (I say theology b/c it has gone so far past reason or logic as to become simple religious belief, devoid of analysis or factual data).

Women in my experience are just as likely to be conservative and support traditional values as men are.

What data do you have to support the statement that women are making the political field more liberal?

IWMP: Well, if you look at countries (Sweden, yes) that have adopted this liberal/socialist doctrine/theology you have mentioned, they are all champions of feminism. Their socialist governments are voted in because biologically women are more prone to listen to their emotions rather than rationality, so the promise of nurturing ‘poor (economic) migrants’ free goodies (welfare), and the like, speaks to them.

On the other side, boys with feminist mothers [and cuck fathers, if any] are indoctrinated from an early age to believe that ‘masculinity is toxic’, and the pesky Patriarchy will ruin them if they don’t reject the only thing that will make them grow into the men needed to lead and nurture the community.

Women that are conservative and support the traditional values of the nuclear family are just the exception to the rule, unfortunately. As Madmin mentioned in the description of the image, we do not think women shouldn’t have rights. We are just criticizing the fact that these rights (voting, more so than others) have inevitably lead to present day emotions politics and mental gymnastics of the left.

If you want other examples, just look at Canada’s “pretty boy” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who cannot form a coherent sentence without spouting “uhh, umm” every 3 or so words. No one could *rationally* vote for a man whose best argument for a “gender equal cabinet” is not that “I have chosen only the best men and women for the job, they are experts in their domain of activity etc.” but “because it’s <the current year>.

[Here is] just an example of what “important issues” women which appeal to emotion like to bring to the European goddamn Court of Justice.

ALFF: Ok, I see the point you’re trying to make. However, you didn’t actually give me any data. You’ve just made a massive assumption about how “emotional” women are, then expanded that unsupported premise into a massive assumption about how women are voting based on feelings.

Do you have any polling data to support your assumptions?

In my experience men are just as likely to make totally irrational decisions based on how they are feeling. Or think they should be feeling.

This argument would only make sense if women alone had these reactions, but again it’s about 50/50 as far as gender is concerned.

Men support bringing in refugees as much as women do, men support the welfare state as much as women do.

I personally disagree with both of these policies, and I’m a very emotional woman. I just don’t use emotions to make decisions. Just because you have strong emotions doesn’t mean you lack self control or rational thought.

Plus, I’d like to point out that your whole argument is undermined by the hypocrisy of your emotionally driven arguments supported by little to no fact or evidence. What little supporting evidence you do have is based on data from foreign countries, making it irrelevant to the US.

Regarding the Daily Mail article in particular: It always strikes me as funny when men have strong emotional reactions and don’t realize they are having strong emotional reactions.

I respect the fact that you have strong feelings about your genitals, but having not been given the same set you have, it is difficult for me to relate.

I would never approve of emasculating a man, not even metaphorically. Men and women must both respect each other and celebrate our differences. In fact one of the key reasons I’m not a feminist, is that feminists undermine femininity and define women as men with no members. This of course is insulting to me as I see myself as a woman having many abilities men don’t have and being defined by what I contribute not what I “lack.”

The point remains that you are having a strong emotional reaction to a drawing of a lion having his drawing of a member removed by a computer.

I’m not making fun of you, but from my perspective it’s a bit silly and I think you’re overreacting.

If the tables were turned you’d think my reaction was simply “an emotional women [sic]” having an “emotional reaction” and you’d dismiss the whole issue.

Why is it that you, as a man, get to make decisions based on emotions and that’s fine? Why is it only a problem when women do it?

To be clear, I think it’s a problem when anyone makes decisions based on emotions. I realize both genders do it and see it as an educational deficiency, not a gender imbalance.

IWMP: “In my experience men are just as likely to make totally irrational decisions based on how they are feeling. Or think they should be feeling;

This argument would only make sense if women alone had these reactions, but again it’s about 50/50 as far as gender is concerned.”

And these statements are totally supported by fact and evidence. The fact that women are biologically more receptive to emotional stimuli is largely known:

Studies looking into emotional differences between men and women are plentiful. Conventional wisdom leads us to believe that women are more emotional than men, or at least are more emotionally expressive (Kring & Gordon 1998). This conventional wisdom has been supported by the results of many academic research papers indicating that women are indeed the more emotionally expressive of the genders (e.g. Ashmore & Del Boca 1979; Brody & Hall 2000; Johnson & Shulman 1988).

Even in physical biology, this psychological variable is taken into consideration.:

The observations that women are more emotionally oriented than men and that emotion regulation is more interwoven with psychological health in women than men support the usefulness of a gender-sensitive approach in research and health care of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

What evidence we have in regards to the U.S. is the whole third wave feminist movement which you can see unraveling around you if you live there and actually presented yourself in the form of the universities liberal indoctrination programs.

Ignoring the present day “feminist” movement when social media and the news are practically bombarded with it just means you are uninformed on the issue of women resorting to emotion politics to get their way.

Again, I [and Madmin] agree that men are also emotional, but this is just a by-product of the liberal media and universities turning them into, let’s face it, hipster pussies. Most of these men probably even just do it to get into the pants of a feminist friend who will then cry rape when they drunkenly have sex and she regrets it in the morning.


ALFF: I never said women weren’t more expressive, I asked for evidence that gender differences affect voting behavior and/or political trends. You still have not addressed that concern.

You have made superficial connections that seem to correlate third wave feminism with the effective liberalization of the university system, but again you’re putting the cart before the horse.

Feminists are not creating a more liberal environment. Liberals are creating feminists who can attract traditional values with nonsensical arguments.

I agree it is a form of manipulation, but what you’re overlooking is that it is masterminded by men and mostly men fall for it. Women are more likely to know when they are being manipulated by some power crazed bitch so in my humble experience, these tactics are far less effective on women.


>I never said women weren’t more expressive

You’ve just made a massive assumption about how “emotional” women are, then expanded that unsupported premise into a massive assumption about how women are voting based on feelings.

>masterminded by men

I hope you’re not hypocritically invoking “The Patriarchy” while asking me for supporting evidence about women being more emotional, being offered that evidence, and then denying that you ever asked for it in the first place.

– “Why should Hillary be president?” “Umm, she’s a woman? So… diversity!”

– Gavin McInnes is satire, but the responses are genuine [and the last answer, especially, is one of the only slightly reasonable responses that could have come from a lefty mouth]

 – Almost all of these people don’t even question what Sharia law is (just that one girl who says she doesn’t even know what that is). Just that Hillary would hypothetically endorse Sharia in the U.S.

– Same thing, with repealing the Bill of Rights.

And furthermore:

>liberals are creating feminists who can attract traditional values

>attract traditional values

I am going to end the conversation here and wait until you have a clear concept of what liberalism and conservatism mean if you wish to continue.”


The videos above just show how most people are uninformed on… how uninformed the voter base of Hillary Clinton is.

Another thing I’d like to point out is how she kept going on about “her experience” (>ctrl + f; experience) and her experience only. People living in White upper class neighborhoods and college kids never have to experience the multiculturalism they strive for, because of their protected environment and cries for segregationist ‘safe spaces.’

I’ve noticed this argument in many of the liberal brainwashed maggots. In this next instance, I made a pun on a guy’s name that seemed to be one of those white guilt faggots, but had some semblance of argument in regards to the regressive left. Turns out he was just one of the white guilt nu-males.

liberal argument

Many of my friends take the same stance, some out of white guilt, some because of the “in my experience” argument. They’d rather ignore the pattern of instilling regressive leftist ideologies in a society inevitably leads to degeneracy, chaos, anarchy, and eventual civil war.



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