If You’re against Guns, You’re a Commie

It’s astonishing how some Americans want to enforce stricter gun laws thinking they are doing their country, and the people around them, a service. You aren’t. You are actively putting them in danger, especially given the situation the world is in today.

It was my privilege

I’m going to be completely honest with those of you who actually believe restricted access to guns will keep people safe. You are all fucking retarded children.

You know who first implemented stricter gun laws in my country? The fucking Communists. Right when they came to power back in ’47. They stripped all my countrymen of weapons, and then proceeded to start imprisoning and torturing those who opposed the new regime.

Which, you know, was a much easier task, seeing as how THEY HAD NO WEAPONS WITH WHICH TO DEFEND THEMSELVES.

This is why nobody will ever consider you more than a child and take you seriously when you scoff like an arrogant prick every time somebody mentions the government acting suspiciously Communist when they try to “regulate” gun laws.

“But muh safe space and bad guns might kill me”. Fucking kill yourself you pathetic child. The only people who are going to kill you are third-world invaders, savages who don’t care about your gun laws.

Libcucks and anti-gun people like you, on the other hand, won’t kill you. They’ll just get you killed and then complain about banning guns harder.

It was my privilege

As for Europe, there’s not much to be said. The West is too cucked when it comes to gun laws, except Switzerland as far as I know, and the East is still dealing with the aftermath and remnants of Communist/Socialists regimes and Jewish influence.

Do yourself and the those you love a favor and grow up. Guns aren’t there to put your life at risk. They are there to keep your family safe and remind the government why it shouldn’t fuck with you.

– Madmin


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