Feminism Summed up in One Picture



It was my privilege

– Madmin


16 thoughts on “Feminism Summed up in One Picture

  1. Chauvinism, not feminism, bro, is what you are summing up. And the only thing funny about it is how your view on women is not really so different from the muslims’: cover up, otherwise it is your fault and/or stupidity. Hypocrite.


  2. I’m no SJW, but this post is not cool. You definitely need a rethink on this. Her bearing her breasts was not an invitation to be mauled. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable in the Middle East, where this sort of logic still holds water.


    1. >I’m no SJW

      You’re defending a whore. You’re the most cucked of SJW.

      I never said the guys in the picture did the right thing. They’re no different than the animals in Africa.

      But you have to be one special kind of weak beta male to believe a slut who exposes herself should not be held accountable for her actions.


        1. So that liberal cunts can harass me online and contact the place where I work?

          I’ve seen how these kids do things like this, and I don’t need the drama.

          Either way, let’s not get derailed. Tell us why a whore should not be held accountable for her actions.


  3. So, in other words, you’re a coward.

    That’s my real name and picture. There are a couple of other people with my name in this country, so just to clear that up, I live in Dallas, Texas.

    If you really believed in people being held accountable, you would use your real name. What you really believe in is other people being held accountable, but not you.

    Stand up, be a man, and use your real name.

    Her actions were she let a bunch of dudes see her tits. Her actions didn’t hurt anyone, so she didn’t deserve any punishment.


    1. >Stand up, be a man, and use your real name.

      Nice try, but no. Take your reverse psychology bullshit and fuck off.

      You’re a good little cuck. You don’t have to worry about liberals tracking you down and causing drama in your life, since you don’t openly disagree with them.

      >Her actions didn’t hurt anyone

      Nice to see Western men really have standards and balls. Letting your women act like degenerate whores is definitely the way to go. Guess you’d say the same even if it were your daughter, eh?

      Just for your information m8, her actions do harm both society and herself. And I’m not even talking about the fact that she got assaulted (her own fault, but let’s keep pretending she’s just the victim), but about the fact that she’s just lowered her status and value as a woman. No self-respecting man will ever want her as a girlfriend or wife now. I mean, why would they?

      But guys like you will keep reinforcing her dumb beliefs that what she did was acceptable, and she’ll continue doing it, and maybe even get to inspire other young, impressionable women to do the same.

      She acted like nothing more than a piece of meat, yet because of people like you, she’ll continue believing that she still deserves to be treated like someone with value.


  4. Stand up, be a man, and use your real name.Until you do that, you are nothing but a keyboard warrior.

    You call me a cuck, but you won’t even stand behind the words you write. You are nothing but a common coward.

    I 100% guarantee you wouldn’t say these things to my face.

    You’re likely the kind of “man” who can’t even look someone in the eye.

    Why don’t you take off your fedora, shave your neckbeard, move out of your mom’s basement and start being who you actually are instead of “madmin”?


    1. >I 100% guarantee you wouldn’t say these things to my face

      Would love to prove your pathetic ass wrong, but I’m not even from your country. But trust me boy, I don’t have a lot of patience with liberals, especially face-to-face.

      Either stay on topic and address what I’ve said, or fuck off.


  5. The craziest thing about all of this is that just because I don’t hold the same opinion of women that you and radical muslims do, I’m a liberal. I couldn’t be further from a liberal, I just happen to think it’s OK for women to do what they want with their tits.

    The government or anyone else shouldn’t have a say in what someone does with their own body (not a body growing inside of them). This is one of the most basic of conservative beliefs.
    Like most liberals, you think that you know best how someone should live their life, and you’re willing to use force to enforce your beliefs on others. That seems like the basis of liberal beliefs.


    1. >it’s OK for women to do what they want with their tits

      Women generally act like children, and leaving them to do whatever they want is a huge mistake. The picture shows it quite well, since no self-respecting woman who has a strong man in her life (be him father, boyfriend, brother, or husband) would end up acting like a degenerate piece of meat that has nothing to offer the world other than her body.

      You are a liberal, boy. The moment you decided to act like a whiteknight and give feminists a pass (Yes, feminists, since women doing what they want without consequences is exactly what they encourage), you became a libcuck.

      Take it from someone who knows. No woman will ever respect you if you allow them to get away with everything.

      I got work early, but I will get back to you later tomorrow if you continue the discussion. Of course, provided you don’t start bullshitting me about how both sexes are equal.


  6. Holy fuck. Look at all the diseased SJW on here. From what I can decipher from this it appears to show the slut exposing her breasts in a group, KNOWING what dirty animals will do when such an action is provoked.

    Yes, the fault lies with the men that groped her – but that does NOT take away from the fact that you have to minimize your own chances of distraught. for exmaple If you are the only female and you are in a room with 30 men drinking and taking drugs, something may happen you do not consent to. Yes the men would be at fault, but recognize your own life choices that brought you to the position where you would be so vulnerable.

    Another example: Children playing in traffic and blaming the car for hitting one of them.

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  7. In Germany on Rock COncerts etc. its normal that some girls show their Titts-NOTHING HAPPENED!
    On some Festivals even some people run naked arround or FUCK-nothing happen only some laughing.
    In Leipzig every year on the Gothic Meeting girls going on the street like in a fetish porn Video-NOTHING HAPPEN.
    Did you see the difference?


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