Strong, Independent Womyn Not so Tough since Getting Triggered on Facebook

I’m in the business of triggering people, so I know how libcucks react when that happens, but some of them manage to take you by surprise sometimes.

I’ll start off by saying that I won’t post the link to the thread, nor the page’s name, since I’m not interested in that kind of drama. Enough to say that it’s a large page which is supposedly against liberal ideologies. They have a huge following, but unfortunately a large part of their audience are retarded faggots.

The thread in question was on a photo which was poking fun at feminism, stating how it didn’t achieve anything. Obviously, like you would expect from libcucks, they started flooding the photo claiming that only 3rd wave is bad, and that the 1st and 2nd one are God’s gift to men.

I usually don’t care about this, but I was bored at work, so I decided to have some fun by stating that I clearly believe any form of feminism is pure cancer.

It was my privilege

Now, let me just say that this will be another subject I’ll cover in a different post, since I’m not interested in starting a lecture right now. Suffice it to say that I believe that all feminism has achieved was destroying the traditional family unit, the very core of a healthy society, the economy, and ruining male-female relationships.

I don’t believe that women should vote, and neither do I believe that people who don’t own property or are on welfare should have that privilege as well, be them male or female.

Yes, there are decent women who manage to do well in positions of power, but the vocal majority proves that, as a whole, this concept is flawed. It’s the same deal with Muslims. Some of them might be decent, but the majority are clearly not. And giving them power in White countries is just retarded.

I’m saying this because this is what triggered the fatfuck in question. For further reference in all photos, she’ll be the one with black over her name.


This was after I asked her what her particular Western feminism has done for Middle Eastern women. Naturally, that question went unanswered. And lol at a femicunt who is a tumblr degenerate comparing me to one of them.


Ah never mind, she told me to Google it. Of fucking course. 

If you can’t tell by her comments, she is exactly the kind of feminist she is claiming not be. Even if she doesn’t consider herself a 3rd wave femicunt, it just goes to show how badly feminism in itself can fuck a woman up.

Also, this won’t be the first time when she says the argument is over because she’s got better things to do.

As for the aggressive part, yeah I know I am. That’s how I behave with anybody who I suspect (and I’m usually right by the way) to be a full-blown libcuck. Like I told her towards the end, you don’t fucking give out respect from the start. It has to be earned.

Also kek at the “many fags disagree with you so you’re wrong” part. Who fucking would have thought that Western cucks are against traditional conservative values. What a shock.

In case you want more proof that she is a liberal degenerate, even though she didn’t want to seem like one from the get-go.


You can easily tell from the arrogant attitude that is extremely palpable in a libcuck’s writing style. The whole “I’m more open-minded than you and better” vibe is also easy to see.

Still, the cunt did make me laugh really hard with the “input” phrase. It’s unbelievable how some people are so fucking deluded and childish that they believe others need their permission to post their opinions regarding them online.

At that point I said “fuck it” since it was clear the cow wasn’t going to address what I said about Western feminism in Middle Eastern countries, and the fact that women tend to vote pro on many liberal policies (something that is still happening in Germany despite the current invasion), so I just called her a fatfuck. That’s because she is one, and because I hate 9gag-tier insults.


Naturally, another whale came to her defense, and all that self-confidence feminism has empowered her with started to become visible. She’s your average feminist drone who is fat, a liberal degenerate and acts like she’s somehow worthy of your attention and respect.

I mean for fuck’s sake, look at those sausage fingers. Not to mention the overwhelmingly photoshop effects and makeup.


Oh yea, and the confidence surge just keeps getting better and better. I’ve compiled most of it in a single photo to make it easier to read.


Obviously, I wasn’t gonna link my real profile to a crazy cunt like that, especially since she hinted that she would want to get me fired (as if she could, but that’s beside the point). But I was curios how far the fatfuck was gonna go in terms of mental breakdown.

Love how the cunt tries to play on a man’s emotions by associating bravery with showing your face online. As if any self-respecting man would do something to please that ham gobbler.

Also kek “I have the guts to actually show it online”. Yeah, I’m sure you do.

Here’s the last part, where she just seems to fucking lose it.


(he he ho ho ha ha)

Don’t know what else followed, as I had to get back to work. I had my fun and got the pre-gym rage I wanted as well.

Unfortunately, I doubt the cow managed to learn anything. Obviously she’s got plenty of betas in her life to validate her belief that she is a special snowflake who has a lot to offer the world.

Just goes to show that, more often than not, if somebody starts lecturing you about how 2nd wave feminism was good, they are either a fat feminist slob, or a weak NU male (modern betas).

Let’s wrap this up with one of the most pathetic things I saw posted in that thread regarding me and my and Sadmin’s page.


Wew boy, cucks really know how to hurt our feelings.

Remember m8s, liberals are strong and empowered, at least until you call them mean names. Then, they’ll just try to ruin your life and get you reported to the highest authority. Just like Communists. c|:^)

Surprisingly, we didn’t get the report shitstorm I was expecting. Then again, with Zuck the Cuck, you never know. Still, nice to have a website where I can post shit like this and not have to worry about it getting taken down.

As for my attitude on fat, I’ll probably address it in another article. All you need to understand is that I believe anyone can get fit, or at least stay in shape. All they need to do is make an effort. I’ve got disabled guys at my gym making that effort, so no excuses are accepted.

– Madmin


5 thoughts on “Strong, Independent Womyn Not so Tough since Getting Triggered on Facebook

    1. Why don’t you go beat your head with a brick.
      When your parent told you that you were special and your opinion mattered, they lied to you.
      Go get triggered somewhere else, bigot.


  1. You know, I’ve really come to enjoy this page. I’ve become thoroughly red-pulled, I’m anti-degeneracy, and I’ve realized that there truly is a political system that fits my Christian beliefs… give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and whatnot. And I want Trump as my Caesar for sure.

    The one thing I don’t enjoy about it is the language. Christ says in the Bible, “swear not at all.” And while I’ll take on a cuck any day of the week, the Bible makes it clear that it is to be done in the proper manner. You’re clearly not afraid to look bad. Neither am I. You won’t believe the reactions of my friends when I denied the holocaust.

    Just a thought I’m throwing out there. We need to combat this with something other than rage. Although, I will say, NOT rioting at Bernie Sanders rallies is a pretty good start. TRUE AMERICA, representing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I know what you’re saying about the language, but I’ve come to a point where I got no more patience left for libcucks. As for the riots, I see your point, but I think it’s hard for people to stay calm when they are threatened by Sanders supporters as well.

      I’m not from the US and I don’t know how everything works to be honest, but I got a feeling that if Trump doesn’t win, there’s gonna be some bloodshed in the country.


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